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Calls for Entry & Grants

Mini Art Show

Mini Art Show Application

Opening November 28th, the Arts Station will be hosting a Mini Art Show for the month of December. This exhibit will showcase a selection of artists of varying experience levels. The pieces will be executed in a range of mediums and styles, but will all be mini in size. This will be an excellent opportunity for art lovers to add to, or even start, their collection of original artwork. 

Please note: Arts Station Gallery Policy states that the Arts Station takes a 25% commission for all artwork purchases. Please factor this in when pricing your work. 

We are looking for artists to submit their work! All mediums welcome!

Artwork must meet the following criteria: 

  • Size: 8×8 inches (including frame, if framed) 
  • Square
  • Must be for sale
  • Must be $300 or less
  • Must be an original work 
  • Must be exhibit ready (ie. ready to hang) 


We will also require a 200-word maximum Artist Statement (included on Application)


If you are interested, please fill out the Mini Art Show Application Form by November 1st, 2019 and email to jackie@theartsstation.com, or drop off at the Arts Station. 


Holiday Artisan Fair Call for Artisans!

Join us at The Arts Station 10-5pm on December 7th for an artisan fair just in time for the holidays. We will be showcasing work by local Fernie artisans.

If you are an artisan that is interested in participating, please email jackie@theartsstation.com to book a table for $40. Coffee with Bailey’s and Mulled wine will be served all day.

Out of the Box Dumpster Project 2019 Call to Artists

The Arts Station is pleased to announce a Call for Entry for the 6th Annual; ‘Out of the Box: Dumpster Art Project’. Out of the Box is a public art initiative by the Fernie & District Arts Council in collaboration with Southeast Disposal. Project facilitation is provided by the Fernie & District Arts Council and a volunteer committee. Out of the Box is a project in which 10 commercial trash and recycling dumpsters will be transformed into works of public art by regional artists. The artists will be selected from a Call to Artists with a deadline of Thursday, July 30th, 2pm at The Arts Station. Late submissions are absolutely not accepted.

Each prospective artist will submit their Out of the Box Proposal to a panel of adjudicators who will then select the artists that will be given the opportunity to bring their vibrant visions to life by recreating their proposals on the actual dumpsters. The commercial dumpsters have been generously donated by Southeast Disposal. An artist fee of $500 plus materials will be provided to selected artists.

Application Deadline: July 30th

Notification Day (via email): August 10th

Painting Dates: Friday, August 30th- Sept 2nd

Dumpster Party September 4th 5.30-9pm

Out of the Box Dumpster Artist Application 2019

Public Art Project Call for Entry

Our public art project for 2019 has just been launched! Please see our Public Art Page for more details and to see how to apply. 

Gallery call for entry 2020

Deadline: July 2nd

The arts Station Gallery is to showcase emerging and developing artists in an effort to enrich the local arts and culture community in Fernie.

The Arts Station encourages applications from all backgrounds, identities and disciplines and aims to represent the full diversity of the Elk Valley’s cultural landscape. We program 12 gallery shows each year, each exhibited for one month. 

To apply please fill out the application form below


Gallery-2020-Info-Pack & Policy

Paint Battle 2019

The Arts Station is hosting an all ages paint battle to raise money for the Out Of The Box Dumpster Project.

June 21st


Three rounds of battles: Kids, Teens and Adults.

Call for Artists! We are looking for kids (ages 6-11), teens (ages 12-18) and adults (18+) to participate in our paint battle. 

Kids round – 6pm (30 minutes) Cash prize $25

Teen round – 7pm (45 minutes) Cash prize $50

Adult round – 8pm (90 minutes) Cash prize $100

Please email jackie@theartsstation.com if you are interested in participating!


Bent On Art Festival 

Call for Artist Submissions
What: Bent On Art: Kootenay Queer & Trans Art Exhibition
When: Kootenay Pride Week, August 26th-September 1st 2019
Where: Kootenay Studio Arts, Selkirk College, Nelson, BC
Application Deadline: May 31st 2019 at 5 PM, PDT
Bent On Art: Kootenay Queer & Trans Art Festival is seeking submissions from LGBTQ+ artists in the Kootenay Region or with significant connection to the region in response to the following theme:
Creating Home: Claiming What’s Ours, Dismantling What’s Left
How do queer and trans/gender non-conforming people find home? How do we feel at home inside our bodies, sexualities, gender identities and expressions? How do we create a sense of home in our communities? How do we create reconcile the paradox of creating home, while living on stolen native land? How do we find home inside bodies, genders, and sexualities that have been subjugated by colonial values? How can we build on our commonalities while supporting our differences?  How can we support people that are the most marginalized within the LGBTQ+ community? As artists, how do we find inspiration from others without appropriating other cultures or aesthetics? How do we identify and challenge our own internalized oppressions? How do we foster interdependence in a society that reveres independence and individualism? How do we honor & support the people who’s land we occupy?
Queer and trans/gender non-conforming artists are invited to reflect and respond to these questions with works of visual art, craft, and/or performance. This exhibition has the intention to pay artist fees, pending funding. Artists who are also indigenous, black, people of colour, people with disabilities, neuro-diverse, or artists with other intersecting identities within the LGBTQ+ community are strongly encouraged to apply. Don’t miss your opportunity to take part in this important community conversation!
How to apply:
  1. Complete the online application form by visiting https://www.samontecruzstudios.com/bent-on-art-artist-application-2019/
  2. Include an Artist Statement of 500 words or less, indicating how your work reflects the theme of Creating Home: Claiming What’s Ours, Dismantling What’s Left, and a short proposal outlining what your artwork would consist of and any technical requirements needed for installation
  3. Submit 5 to 10 images (a maximum of 1 MB file size each jpeg format with a resolution of 72 dpi at 1024 x 768 pixels) of the work intended for exhibition or related/recent work, or equivalent media files
  4. Image List with image numbers, artist name, title of work, date, medium and dimensions. 
  5. For video or film, email direct links or mail a DVD related to your proposal in .avi, .mov, .mpg, or .mpeg format. Do not send video files electronically. To submit a hard copy, contact the project coordinator for a mailing address
If you are interested in supporting the festival we have a wide range of volunteer opportunities available, from gallery monitors and market coordinators to event documentation. Please complete the online volunteer application here

Banner Project 2019

For over the past decade, Elk Valley artists have added their own air to the city’s streets, offering

works of art for the 40 banners that line Highway 3 and downtown. Now, in its 15th year, we are

calling out to the amazing artists that call the Elk Valley home to once again contribute to Fernie’s annual Banner Project. We are thrilled to highlight various artistic mediums from artists of all ages!

What are the adjudicators looking for?

Bold colours, striking imagery that stands out from a distance, variation in themes and artistic disciplines, and it has to be eye catching to the street-level observer.

What kind of mediums will be accepted?

All kinds of mediums will be accepted including but not limited to paintings, quilts, stained glass, sculpture, pottery and photography.

How to Submit?

  1. In person at The Arts Station; 601 1st Avenue, Fernie BC; submissions should be;


      1. In an envelope labelled with your name
      1. Inside the envelope should be one memory stick labelled with your name with a max of two images and the application. Digital Banner 2019 Application Forms on the memory stick are encouraged. 
    1. Placed in the black post box located to the right as you enter The Arts Station.
  2. Via dropbox to info@theartsstation.com


      1. Images should be shared to info@theartsstation.com in a folder labelled with your name and include the Banner 2019 Application Form
      1. Files will need to be shared with committee members so please allow editing access rather than view only.
    1. An email will be sent to confirm receipt. If you have not received an email in 2 business days please follow up

Please only enter via one method.

Banner 2019 Application Form word format

Banner 2019 Application Form PDF format


    • Artists must be an Elk Valley Resident; The Elk Valley is a valley in the southeastern Kootenay region of the Canadian province of British Columbia that runs via the basin of the Elk River from the southeastern Alberta border near Kananaskis to the Rocky Mountain Trench. Communities in the valley, from uppermost to lowermost, are Elkford, Sparwood, Hosmer, Fernie, Morrissey, and Elko.
    • Deadline is April 4th at 2pm. Only complete entries accepted before this time will be considered.
    • A maximum of 2 images per artist only. Any additional will not be considered.
    • Images must be of a 1 wide to 2 high ratio e.g. 12’” x 24”  at 180dpi or around 2000 pixels x 4000 pixels. Saved as a jpeg this brings the file size to around 5mbs.
    • Files under 1mbs will not be accepted.
    • Images should be submitted as a JPEG only all other forms will not be accepted.
    • Images should be saved with artists name underscore artwork title eg.
    • Submissions delivered in person to The Arts Station must be in a labelled envelope; Inside the envelope should be one memory stick labelled with your name with a max of two images and the application form. Digital Banner 2019 Application Forms on the memory stick are encouraged.
    • Photography submissions should not have people as the main focus i.e portrait. Any figures in the image will require written permission from the person to be included.
    • All applicants who wish for their submission to be reviewed by a committee member for technical issues such as incorrect cropping or poor resolution need to submit by March 14th by the latest. Any submission after this time the committee will not be required to review.
  • If an artist needs assistance with creating the digital photograph of their work there are several photographers in town that offer this service for a cost;


      • $25 per piece of artwork photographed. Artwork photographed is colour-matched so that reproduction matches the original.
    • Please contact for pricing and availability.
    • Please leave plenty of time for photographers to be able to provide this service.

CKCA Grants 2019

Deadline: March 1st, 5pm 

The Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance grant program is now live. If you are looking to further your work or programming in Arts and Culture, the CKCA can help you do so. Check out their website here for more details.

For additional assistance in applying for grants, see this link for an online grant writing workshop.

Digital application for program one Arts Funding to communities can be found here or a paper application can be picked up at The Arts Station.

You will be able to pick up application forms via the Fernie and District Arts Council.

Any questions, email assistant@theartsstation.com

Coming Soon….

Mural project call for entry details will announce shortly. The piece is funded by Columbia Basin Trust and the Fernie and District Arts Council. There will be an artist fee for the successful candidate. Completion of the piece will be June 2019.

Public art has the power to transform public spaces, enliven the urban fabric, reflect our heritage, culture, hopes, dreams and aspirations. Public art enhances community pride, can inspire us and make us think whether the art be large or small, simple or complex. Public art and place making draws people in, attracting visitors, businesses and residents, contributes to a vibrant community and economic development and sustainability.

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