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In the Gallery

Pru Harshan – ‘What I can’t say, I paint’ 20171207_164520

  • Opening in the Gallery: January 4th @ 7pm. Everyone welcome.
“I’ve always been interested in human nature and the impact that societal burdens and expectations have on our humanity. I grew up in India, where things are different from here in the west but not everything is different, there are always expectations that can turn into burdens and that’s my focus. Some of the paintings here focus on our voyeuristic urge, to watch, to judge without thinking for ourselves and a few others are more positive like being part of a supportive structure, being right in the middle of that drastic change we want to see.
Ive been working on this since the last five years and I’m sure I’m not done with it yet. But recently I’ve started running quite a bit and with our awesome trails and views as an inspiration I started working on the side on a new series of paintings that are lighter and more vibrant. Usually my works are pretty heavy and there are layers to work through, but the series on running captures the colours, shapes and textures that stick in my mind after my runs, the sense of how small I am and how free I truly feel when I’m out there in the mountains.
  • Bio: I have been painting professionally since 2002 when I acheived my bachelor’s degree in painting from Bangalore University, India. I’ve been part of group shows and solo exhibits in Bangalore India, Chicago, Vancouver, Cranbrook and Fernie. This is my first solo exhibit in Fernie.

Previously: Beulah Limber: A Retrospective (August 2017)

A special part of Fernie’s artistic community, in August 2017 we exhibited a retrospective of Beulah’s paintings. The exhibit included works from her early, middle and late career and a variety of media such as soapstone sculptures, quilting and of course, her paintings. IMG_9595
Beulah Remona was born number 10 of 13 to Edward and Agnes Synvania, Saskatchewan. She received her education at Berlin, Arpsville and SLBI Outlook in Saskatchewan. A daydreamer in school, Beulah has always been drawn to the arts from a young age.Beulah has exhibited in many venues in Calgary, Kimberly, Edmonton and Fernie. She has received many awards for her talents including Arts Around and the Fernie Quilters Guild. Beulah has also taught many arts classes over the years to youths as well as adults.Beulah is also a proficient banjo player and has played with many different groups. Beulah’s musical influence can be seen in her artwork through composition choice and her raw style of execution.As well as the influence of music, Beulah’s key influences are her feelings and emotions, the artistic community to which she belongs and the landscapes around her. She loves being an artist in Fernie and finds it continually interesting and enlightening.

The Canadian Youth Identity Project (May 2018)

As part of the Canada 150 celebrations, 150 youth representing the region’s schools collaborated to create group art projects which explored the concept of youth’s identity as Canadians – what makes you proud to be Canadian, what individuals do they feel best represents Canada on a local, national and international stage, and what places, both locally and nationally, do they identify as uniquely Canadian … and why.








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