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Banner Project 2020 Application Form

For over the past decade, Elk Valley artists have added their own air to the city’s streets, offering works of art for the 40 banners that line Highway 3 and downtown. Now, in its 16th year, we are calling out to the amazing artists that call the Elk Valley home to once again contribute to Fernie’s annual Banner Project. We are thrilled to highlight various artistic mediums from artists of all ages!

What are the adjudicators looking for?

Bold colours, striking imagery that stands out from a distance, variation in themes and artistic disciplines, and it has to be eye catching to the street-level observer. 

What kind of mediums will be accepted?

All kinds of mediums will be accepted including but not limited to paintings, quilts, stained glass, sculpture, pottery and photography.

How to Submit?

Via the application form at the bottom of this post. 
If you require assistance, we will be hosting a full day in which we can offer assistance on March 20th. Please check back on our website Event Calendar and on our social media platforms for updated details.


  • Artists must be an Elk Valley Resident; The Elk Valley is a valley in the southeastern Kootenay region of the Canadian province of British Columbia that runs via the basin of the Elk River from the southeastern Alberta border near Kananaskis to the Rocky Mountain Trench. Communities in the valley, from uppermost to lowermost, are Elkford, Sparwood, Hosmer, Fernie, Morrissey, and Elko.
  • Deadline is April 20th at 2pm. Only complete entries accepted before this time will be considered.
  • A maximum of 2 images per artist only. Any additional will not be considered.
  • Images must be of a 1 wide to 2 high ratio e.g. 12’” x 24”  at 180dpi or around 2000 pixels x 4000 pixels. Saved as a jpeg this brings the file size to around 5mbs.
  • Files under 1mbs will not be accepted.
  • Images should be submitted as a JPEG only all other forms will not be accepted.
  • Images should be saved with artists name underscore artwork title eg. JaneDoe_Mountains
  • The application will not be considered complete if it does not include the application form.
  • Photography submissions should not have people as the main focus i.e portrait. Any figures in the image will require written permission from the person to be included.
  • Images cannot have text included
  • All applicants who wish for their submission to be reviewed by a committee member for technical issues such as incorrect cropping or poor resolution need to submit by March 20th by the latest. Any submission after this time the committee will not be required to review. 


If an artist needs assistance with creating the digital photograph of their work there are several photographers in town that offer this service for a cost.


* Please leave plenty of time for photographers to be able to provide this service. 

Fernie Stationers also has in stock 12” x 24” canvases for sale at around $17 for artists to create specific artwork for the Banner Project:

    Artist Bio – 100 words max – Include a little about yourself, what inspires your work and any relevant credentials.

    Submission 1:

    Submission 2: