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Brianne Chisholm


Kaleidoscope is a series of new works from B. AYNSLEY that explores multiple themes as she collectively pursues interests through ongoing research. These themes currently include marine ecology, vulnerability, and the artist’s place in the valley. AYNSLEY seeks to find more depth and connection with each piece by delving into simultaneous subjects, preferring to study each piece, and spending time contemplating the significance of the subject, both personally and externally.

Every piece is a reflection of where the artist is at in her life and is a constantly changing sequence of elements that will one day comprise a story. The body of work will be comprised mainly of paintings and framed drawings with a selection of prints available for sale as well.

Artist Bio

Brianne Chisholm has spent the majority of her life observing the natural world in constant pursuit of the significance behind the small things and where we reside within them. Finding inspiration through symbolic synchronicity in dreams and waking life, Chisholm often explores and creates narratives around these little accords in an effort to explore and affirm who she is, where she has been, and where she may be going. Other notable themes include death and rebirth as well as ecological and social influences.

Often times concepts are thoroughly researched prior to creation, and other times the piece takes on a different or more significant meaning as the hours are passed into the work. Working mainly with the stippling technique, Chisholm can spend up to 200 hours on a single piece. With a focus on technique and materials, the art becomes a grounding craft with a discipline in concentration and meditation.

Chisholm resides and works in Fernie, British Columbia.