Fruitvale RFP

The Public Art Committee invites Columbia Basin artists to submit a proposal to create an art project that reflects the Village’s history. Artists will be required to make submissions for the commissioning of an art project using materials that are durable, long lasting and use recyclable material when possible that can be used to commission future art pieces after de-accession. As a major investment for the Village of Fruitvale, the artwork is to make a statement as it will remain a landmark in the Village for not less than twenty years. It must not require touchup or maintenance along the way, but natural weathering as part of the look is accepted. Interactive and public engaging pieces are welcomed. The piece will be the central focus of developing our underground talent network and as such will remain as the cornerstone marking the Village’s journey to success. End of life will be marked by a tribute to the beginning days of a thriving arts and culture community with recyclable material being used in the commissioning of the next art project and a new generation artist.

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