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Out of the Box Live Painting: Call for Artists

Call for Artists

We are seeking emerging or professional artists for a Live Painting event during a Wednesday Social Outdoor Concert. Pieces created at this event will be displayed outdoors at
Fernie Alpine Resort during the Winter Season!

Event Date: August 14th, 2024

  • Think ‘Out of the Box’ by exploring ideas that are creative, unusual and not limited or controlled by rules or tradition
  • Instead of painting on canvas, we are asking artists to choose an unusual 2-Dimensional substrate, considering that their piece will be displayed outdoors during the winter months. Options include but are not limited to: snowboards, skis, skateboards, upcycled signs, wood board etc.
  • We are seeking LARGE pieces for this public art display. Could be one large piece, a diptych or triptych.
  • Artists have the option to prep their piece before the event or complete it after.
  • Eligibility will be determined by a panel of adjudicators based on your portfolio and cirricullum vitae, no proposal required
  • Artist fee between $500 – $1000 (based on experience, determined by FDAC, who values fair payment to artists)
  • Basic supplies such as paint brushes, rollers & drop cloths. We also have a selection of outdoor paints, enquire for a full list of colours. 
  • $100 budget for additional supplies or substrate.
  • Promotion and marketing coverage.
  • Insurance coverage during the Live Painting event.

Public Art is defined as artistic-visual, decorative or functional works selected, commissioned, created or donated for locations in a public space or facility accessible to members of the public, and including works of a permanent or temporary nature located in the public domain. The City of Fernie’s Public Art Policy seeks to grow the Public Art Inventory through the works and best practices that demonstrate:

Professionalism – Individuals engaged in the management and implementation of the Public Art Program shall exhibit the highest degree of dedication and competence in the execution of their assigned duties. 

Outreach – The Public Art Program will endeavor to stimulate individual artist creativity at the local and regional level through the provision of educational and public awareness opportunities for learning, participation, and experimentation in arts and culture. 

Diversity – Diversity will be incorporated into the public art program including artist and committee member selection, site selection, media, scale and style of artwork, through experimentation with new art forms as well as traditional forms, and through the work of emerging as well as established artists. 

Copyright for works of art shall remain with the artist, provided that the artist, or copyright holder, must enter a written agreement for limited usage of the copyright by for non-profit public relations, documentation, educational and promotional purposes, or alternatively, assign the copyright to FDAC. Wherever possible in displaying or using an image or images the name of the artist will be indicated. If your work is selected a waiver must be signed indicating that you agree to the Copyright details. 

We are looking for works that are vibrant, relative and individual. There is no specified theme for Out of the Box although pieces created during the event should be non-violent and family friendly. Artists should consider the issues around cultural appropriation if using the cultural forms, aesthetics or iconography of cultural communities removed from their social, political and cultural roots.

If you are interested in participating please fill out the expression of interest form below.
We can't wait to hear from you! 

Deadline to Apply: June 21st at 2pm

Expression of Interest

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Detailed record of your Arts Experience & Education