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“The Adventures of Lepsing” 

By Danielle Bossio

Danielle Bossio has been enamored by the possibilities of visual arts from a very young age. She attended a Fine Arts program at Ryerson University in Toronto, where she studied New Media; a program that explores the emergence of technology paired with artistic practices. Ironically, upon graduating, Danielle retreated back to traditional fine arts, practicing with mediums such as ink, watercolour, and acrylics. Recently, her art has reunited with technology, with her current medium of choice being digital illustration.


Her illustrations can be described as comical and whimsical, with the intention of poking a little fun at circumstances that aren’t always easy to swallow or deal with, as seen in her series The Adventures of Lepsing. Her art is playful, colourful, sometimes minimalistic, and other times extremely detailed. She has a wide range of themes, concepts, and styles that she likes to – and hopes to- continue exploring.


As a lover of wildlife and the outdoors, a lot of her subject matter is inspired by her surroundings, animals she is obsessing over, or creatures conceived through her imagination. Her art is playful, with an aim to ostracize idealism and evoke oxymoronic concepts that combine lighthearted illustrations with underlying or obvious adult themes.


Danielle grew up in Mississauga, Ontario, lived and studied in Toronto, left the country for many years to pursue a life of travel, and currently resides in the Yukon with her partner.

Life sure is funny and unexpected!