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Paint Battle Artists!

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Congratulations to Amanda Romanchuck, Dejana Lukac, and Abigail Steer-Christie for being selected for the Out of the Box Dumpster Project Fundraiser Paint Battle this April 26th, at the Royal!

Amanda Romanchuk paints things that fuel her soul like mountains, animals and scenery. She’s adopted over the years more Aztec art and bold lines and bold colours. Working controversially in the ski industry and beauty industry she has worked and been exposed to many different types of canvases.

Amanda’s work

Dejana Lukac, has been an artist all throughout her life, attending Alberta College of Art and Design and the University of British Columbia for Education. Now she is settled in Fernie creating art and teaching in the Elk Valley. Originally From former Yugoslavia, her culture and family are a big part in her life, even though she immigrated to Calgary Alberta as a baby. 

After her Art degree she has had the opportunity to attend two different art residencies in New Zealand, creating surfboard art, installation, and jewellery. Working in multimedia and the exploration of different mediums and materials, her work is sold in markets and soon to be online. She does everything from silver jewellery, leatherwork, paintings, sculptures and more. Her work is generated through a combination of media and approaches and is also informed by an interest in nature and the culture and practice of graffiti art. Departing from the art-historical tradition of depicting illusionistic space in a two-dimensional manner she creates abstract forms that bear a resemblance to forms in nature and the urban environment. Her work serves as a tangible manifestation of the intuitive process of working in a hands-on manner with materials. The notion of process is significant with the work serving as a physical record of her attempts to reconstruct and replicate natural phenomenon. 

Abigail’s artwork falls under several categories including mural painting, immersive set design and projection art. Recently she has painted a collaborative mural for Shambhala festival in 2018. You can find the artwork next to the Thundercone where fellow festival goers get married in real time. You may also have seen the mural designed to become a DJ set list for Mogul Smoker 2018. A festival named Burn in The Forest gave Abigail her first grant to help exhibit ‘The Lavender Hour’, an immersive installation using projection art and silks. Her paintings behold a whimsical wonderland that take you away from daily life. Spirit animals (especially foxes), crystals, landscapes, floating islands, whales in the sky are just some of the things you can expect to find. Abigail is inspired by her extremely vivid dreams as well as the wonderment and adventures a festival can bring to you.