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ūüć¶ICE CREAMūüć¶

a Multi-Media Gallery Exhibition Curated by Alexandra Kozak

Curator's Statement

ICE CREAM is a multi-media group show emphasizing fun in the arts by bringing a cheerful, light subject matter to the gallery. ICE CREAM appeals to all ages which suits the Arts Station’s vast demographic. As a central theme, it lends itself to a multitude of interpretations including but not limited to: pastel colours, cows, freezing, sweetness, real vs. artificial etc. Artists of diverse mediums have come together under a unified theme. ICE CREAM fosters community identity by presenting an unexpected topic through the unique lens of Fernie artists. The show will transform the foyer gallery into a visual treat, with countless flavours & varieties. 

Participating Artists

Alexandra Kozak   @Moss_Fae
Caroline Payne      @PassionfruitPottery
Rebecca Stewart   @Baba_Stewart_Art
Mimi Sahlstrom     @MimiSahlstrom
Jolene Miner          @JoleneMinerArt
Brina Schenk         @BrinaSchenk
Sadie Rosgen        @SadiePumps
Lori Kennedy         @ScrapAddict
Sofia with F          @Sofia__with__F
Chelsea Howlett-Smith
Jackie Impey          @Artist_Jackie_Impey

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