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Artist: Sandra Barrett, April Montague, Annica Collombin, Tyra Collombin

Location: Fernie Arts Station/Town Loop behind the Aquatics Centre

Head on over to the Arts Station to check out our large-scale moose installation created by Sandra Barrett (Eye of the Needle, Fernie Forge). In an effort to lure our moose out from its spot inside, April Montague wrote a moose-themed story that you can follow along the town loop behind the Aquatics Centre! Annica Collombin created some wooden rounds that go along with the story and Tyra Collombin illustrated the story. 

Launch: April 2

Step 1: There’s a moose on the loose! He was last spotted in the Arts Station! Help us find him!

Step 2: Follow the moose-themed story walk along the town loop behind the Aquatics Centre

Step 3: Once you spot our Arts Station moose or take a walk along our story walk, take a picture with the piece(s) and put it on Instagram! 

Tag @fernieartsstation and hashtag #mooseontheloose


About the Artists

Balancing Act is a visual narrative. A traditional pillar of the community swathed in gauze to represent dreams forms the base of the sculpture. A steel chain denoting inner strength is hidden inside the core of the pillar, attached to and simultaneously weighed down by the world. A pair of doves denoting peace fly around a globe of forged and riveted steel, a cage containing a blown glass sphere to represent the light of the world. A felted moose in cool colours balances delicately on top of the globe. An acrobat felted in warm colours balances on tiptoes on the back of the moose, holding onto a parasol herself for balance. Rainbow colours signify hope. It has only been three months since the tragic suicide of David, Sandra’s business partner and husband of 38 years. The concept of hope is even more important as Sandra works through her grief. The figurines have a metal armature, felted musculature and a skin of nuno pre-felt made by combining merino wool with printed silk, sewn and felted to the framework. Scraps of the fabric skin, forever changed, have been pieced back together to underpin the base of the sculpture, depicting the fragility of life. A new fabric can be glimpsed at the very top of the parasol. Made from Quality Street chocolate wrappers ironed onto cellophane, it looks like stained glass in the sunlight and is a reminder that life is sweet. Life is a balancing act.
April is a local writer. She wrote "Mikey and Grace Hit the Town"
Click here to read the story
I am excited to be part of the Arts Stations Moose on The Loose project where I had to create some wood rounds based on the story “ Mikey a Grace hit the town”. Each wood round is about 11” in diameter and comes from a Larch tree that fell down in a wind storm in Fernie. Protected with Cetal Stain, carved with a Dremel tool then painted with acrylic paint, capturing a Moose and a Goose on their adventures. The designs and illustrations were created together with Tyra Collombin to create a combination of Story boards and Wood rounds.
For me as an artist, art is a way of showing someone your life style and the way you see the world and taking them on an adventure that you have experienced and are now wanting to share. The story of Mikey and grace Hit the town takes you on a journey and I wanted to take the words written and bring them to the reader visually with images that are eye catching and full of life! My love and passion for the outdoors inspires me as a person and my art. We are given this great gift of the outdoors and I believe we should get out and enjoy it as often as possible. My outdoorsy life style is reflected in my artwork greatly. Whether it is the concept itself, my inspiration or the topic I try to bring my knowledge and love from nature into my work.