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Noel Nault

Havens Nook

Exhibit Artist Statement 

“The world is mysterious with infinite amounts of environmental communities. The elusive opportunity in
transforming these scenic communities into visual art is inspirational. My mission is to inspire the audience by
having them admire the suggestive and never-ending stories that I discover when adventuring in such unusual


Noel Nault is a Canadian fine art photographer who lives in Kimberley, B.C.
Drawn to the delicate beauty of the west coast landscape, Noel’s creativity is inspired by the Canadian rainforest and
its nuance of human interactions. Growing up Noel has always been curious with the small unknowns in the
wilderness. To him, capturing and sharing these moments have now become an obligation.
Influenced by painters from the group of seven and fine art B&W photographers such as Michael Kenna, Roman
Loranc and John Sexton, Noel’s work has adopted a unique style that encompasses modernism and a subtle touch of
Despite instant imagery and mass production being ever so present in the digital era, Noel continues to be drawn to
the textile feel of analog film and traditional wet darkroom photography. He photographs with a 4”x5” large format
field camera and processes his own silver gelatin prints.
Noel’s four years of education in fine arts at Concordia University in Montreal includes Sculptures, Photography, silk
screening and pencil drawing.