Pottery Studio Drop in

Drop in requires you to have completed basic pottery skill workshops and is an option if you are looking to develop your skills independently or experienced potters who don’t use the studio regularly enough to require an annual membership. Proof of experience will be required by taking Arts Station workshops or equivalent. 

  • Independent drop in is for advance potters that do not have a membership but would like to use the studio on a one off basis $15.
  • First Saturday of the Month is Supervised drop in for new potters looking to develop their skills. This is self led but the pottery technician will be on hand to answer any questions and advise on safety in the studio $15.
  • Additional Member drop in for additional studio time for members who have exceeded their max appointments $10.

If pieces are not moved through the process in a timely manner they will be removed from the studio.

All appointments are subject to cancellation. If you do not meet the skill levels required for the purchased appointment it will be cancellation or adjusted accordingly.