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Pottery Studio Access

The Arts Station pottery studio is available to the Fernie community. We have opportunities to create pottery for all ages in a safe, fun and equitable environment. We offer a community focused, safe and fun studio space while providing our potters opportunities to grow.

Access Options

  • Everyone must watch an orientation prior to using the studio on their own.
  • Pottery Annual Access is valid from June 1st, 2022 to April 30th, 2023.
  • FDAC reserves the right to deny a member’s renewal or removal from the studio if the FDAC Code of Conduct is not followed or they do not comply with the Pottery Studio policy and procedure.
  • All annual access users must have a working knowledge of ceramics and be able to finish their pot through every step of the process.
  • All studio users must read our studio policies prior to usage.
  • Please read our full terms and conditions.

Purchase Annual Access

You plan on frequenting the studio

For those who plan to frequent the studio

View our access tiers to decide which is best for you

Puchase Drop-in

You're practicing, experimenting or joining a friend

For those who are trying it out

You must have experience in pottery or be joining someone who does to purchase drop in
Purchase Drop in


  • All clay used in our studio must be purchased through our website
  • We have five different clay bodies available for purchase 
  • Once clay has been purchased, please allow 1-2 business days for it to be placed in your locker
  • Drop-in clay purchases will be placed on the appropriate shelving with your name on them and will be taken home with you after each appointment

Other Access Options


We offer a variety of workshops for beginners and intermediates of all ages

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Private Parties

We offer private parties for groups of 6 or more!

Whether it's a holiday gathering, staff party, celebration or group lesson, we are happy to offer our space and expertise to you!
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Kiln For Hire

For potters with home studios

We offer our kiln for rent by the shelf
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If you have remaining questions about our studio or pottery programs please email: