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Pottery Studio Terms and Conditions

We have several annual access levels to best serve different potters so you only pay for what you use. Annual studio access entitles you to use of the studio during appointment times, including use of the electric wheels, tables, equipment & communal tools, glazes and slips. The in house pottery tech will be responsible for all kiln operations. FDAC cannot guarantee work and the service is used with an expected level of risk associated with the pottery process.

Read below for other pottery studio access options including drop-in. If you don’t fit into any of the outlined options please come to us and we can discuss your needs and customise as appropriate. 

  • Pottery Annual Access is valid from May 1st 2023 to April 30th 2024. 
  • Annual access is not prorated. 
  • Limited annual access levels are available.
  • To secure a spot for annual access must be paid in full available from May 1st, 2023 until we have reached capacity.
  • If you have a barrier for paying your membership please contact us to discuss, we have options available to help anyone who requires assistance.
  • FDAC reserves the right to deny a member’s renewal or removal from the studio if FDAC Code of Conduct is not followed or you do not comply with the Pottery Studio policy and procedure. 
  • Number of pieces will be on average and determined based on a mixture of styles/sizes. If you create more in one month but less in another this can average out, however there may be a delay in firing especially during busy periods. Please plan ahead for the holiday season.
  • This also applies to appointments which will be based on an average. Only the listed number of appointments will be guaranteed per month depending on demand. Additional appointments can be purchased if you wish to use the studio more. Pick up/drop off appointments are not included in the total.
  • All annual access users must have a working knowledge of ceramics and be able to finish their pot through every step of the process. 
  • Everyone must watch an orientation prior to using the studio on their own. You will not be permitted appointments until you have completed an annual orientation.
  • New studio users must complete a studio orientation to demonstrate skill level.
  • Once you have demonstrated a comfortable level of skill with studio procedures you may use the studio when the Arts Station building is open for appointments.
  • Guaranteed appointments must be booked in advance through the appointment page.


  • Clay used in the studio MUST be purchased through
  • Annual access users clay will be placed in the individual’s locker. Please allow 2 business days for this transaction. 
  • For drop in appointments clay will be ready on the drop in shelf labelled with your name.
  • Buff, speckled, red and white clay are available for purchase. 
  • A package of clay costs $35-40.00.
  • Clay originating outside the studio is not permitted unless hiring the kiln and then proof of clay purchase is required.  
  • Glazes are only available if you purchased clay through the studio.


  • Each annual access level comes with a locker with lock included. 
  • No food or hazardous materials are permitted to be left in the lockers.
  • Lockers must be cleared out at the end of each fiscal year and FDAC will dispose of any items left behind.
  • FDAC have a master key and have the right to enter the locker:
    • if they suspect non permitted items are inside. FDAC will endeavour to inform members before doing so unless there is imminent danger.
    • To place pre-paid clay inside.
    • Clean out & dispose of items at the end of each fiscal year.
  • Any items that do not fit in the locker should be taken away at the end of each appointment.
  • The Arts Station is not responsible for any lost or stolen items (all supplies, tools, and  pottery are left at your own risk). There are video cameras in the studio and kiln room see Video Surveillance policy.
  • Footage is stored for 7 days. Please do not wait to get in touch if you have a concern (issues related to damage, missing property, etc). 

Drop in for non annual access users

Drop in requires you to have completed basic pottery workshops and is an option if you are looking to develop your skills independently or experienced potters who don’t use the studio regularly enough to require an annual access. Proof of experience will be required such as taking Arts Station workshops or equivalent. You may also attend with a friend who is an annual access user and will supervise your visit.

Drop in appointments need to be pre booked and payment is expected ahead of time. If pieces are not moved through the process in a timely manner they will be removed from the studio.  All appointments are subject to cancellation if you do not meet the skill levels required for the purchased appointment. If you have questions about skill level required please contact Caroline at Workshops are available to book to help develop your skills. Check the events calendar for offerings.