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Pottery Workshops at The Arts Station

The Arts Station is happy to provide a variety of workshops for beginner, emerging and potters of all skill levels. We offer a wide range of different workshops, check our events calendar for up coming pottery workshops and events! Please find more information on our regularly offered workshops below. 

Beginner Intensive Workshop: Our intensive workshops is aimed to provide a base understanding and introduction to throwing on the wheel. The intensive workshop offers:

  • 1 class a week for 4 weeks on Monday evenings
  • classes are 2.5 hours long
  • you will learn the basics of throwing beginner shapes on the wheel, trimming, finishing and glazing your pieces
  • this workshop requires no prior knowledge or experience in ceramics
  • the aim of this workshop is to provide participants with the most comprehensive understanding of the pottery process and due to the nature of ceramics a certain amount of failure is to be expected. The goal is to learn as much as possible while having fun, not to produce a significant body of work
  • no finished pieces are guaranteed 

Intensive Level 2 : Intensive level 2 provides a follow up course to our beginner intensive. This workshop offers:

  • 1 class a week for 4 weeks on Wednesday evenings
  • classes are 2.5 hours long
  • expand on you knowledge of throwing established in beginner intensive or at another institution
  • learn more complex forms and try out new shapes
  • **we ask that all registrants be able to comfortably throw a straight walled, even cylinder**

Wine & Wheel Wednesdays : Meet the wheel! Wine and wheel is a casual introduction to the wheel. This workshop offers:

  • A casual 2 hour introduction to the wheel on Wednesday evenings
  • A glass of wine is included
  • Due to the nature of ceramics, the first attempts can be very challenging and therefore no finished pieces are guaranteed

Kids Clay: We offer after school hand-building for kids and teens. These workshops offer:

  • Handbuilt mugs, cups, bowls and sculptures
  • The opportunity to build and paint their creations
  • 1.5 hour long classes over two separate weeks
  • Mondays after school 

for more information on workshops contact Caroline: 

Please check our events calendar for upcoming workshops