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Pottery Workshops at the Arts Station

Pottery FAQs

How do I register for a pottery workshop?

Workshop registration is first come first serve, so set a timer! To register, you can find the event in our Events Calendar.

*Event registration opens 3 weeks to the date and time of the event* Meaning if a workshop is set to begin on a Monday at 7pm then the registration will open on a Monday at 7pm 3 weeks prior. 

When will the next workshop be offered?

We will continue to offer workshops as frequently as is possible. Pottery workshops have become very popular over the last year. We have a limited number of annual memberships available and we are nearing the cap. We have to keep in mind the amount of space and materials we have available. Therefore the beginner intensive will be offered when we have spaces for new members. However, you can look forward to regular “Meet the Wheel” and “Wine and Wheel”  workshops. These workshops are great if you have never tried wheel throwing!

How will I know when there is a workshop available?

Keep and eye on our social media and events page. All pottery workshops will be in our events calendar and on our event page. 

Once I have participated in a workshop can I join the studio as an annual member?

All prospective annual members must complete the beginner intensive throwing course. Pottery is not an activity that can be picked up without knowing the entire process. The process of making a piece is slow and takes place over several weeks.

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Beginner Intensive

We are excited to be offering more beginner-intensive pottery wheel courses in the new year! We never could have anticipated the popularity of this course and it has been so rewarding to see all the new potters using our studio space. We will be offering the four-week-long introduction to the pottery wheel course every month for the foreseeable future. Registration will always open at 7pm, three weeks before the first class. If you're worried about getting a spot, try setting an alarm or reminder!

Wine and Wheel

Join us in our pottery studio for wine and wheel! This is where you can try out the wheel alongside our pottery studio manager Caroline. This event is open to all adults, we look forward to teaching you the basics of throwing at the pottery wheel! This workshop is for adults as it includes a glass of wine for each participant. This is a casual introduction to wheel throwing and participants share the wheel with one other participant


Meet The Wheel

Meet the wheel is an opportunity to try our the wheel for the first time! We strongly suggest this two hour workshop for anyone thinking about taking the intensive later on. This is a great precursor because you'll be able to gauge whether or not wheel throwing is for you! It's often tricker than people expect which is why it's nice to give it a go first with less commitment.

Cancellation Policy: All cancellation requests must be sent to 2 business days prior to the event/program start date for a refund or option to reschedule.

For multi week workshops you should be available for all sessions. Classes cannot be made up.

Coming soon! Ready, Paint Fire on demand!

Other opportunities: Join the Fernie Potters Guild for other knowledge sharing activities. Check their Facebook Page for more information.