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Shred Art

A favourite Fernie pastime of skiing and snowboarding collides with the street art world. A group of talented young local Artists will present their work on either a snowboard or a pair of skis, bringing together their love for the outdoors with their artistic passion. This exhibition brings together the best of the Fernie lifestyle; the mountains that we love to shred and the creativity that this nature-filled town unlocks. A love for sports and a love for the arts are not mutually exclusive. This is a moment where artists have explored the different facets of their identity and created a piece that reflects their #stoke.

Kevin Frank

Kevin Frank is a Multimedia artist based in Fernie, British Columbia, Canada. He attended the University of Victoria receiving a Bachelor of Fine arts in 2020 and has been producing artworks since 2011. Kevin works primarily in painting and photography, often using digital technology as a means of blending and shifting these more traditional mediums.

Dejana Lukac

Dejana Lukac, has been an artist all throughout her life, attending Alberta College of Art and Design and the University of British Columbia for Education. Now she is settled in Fernie creating art and teaching in the Elk Valley. Originally From former Yugoslavia, her culture and family are a big part of her life, even though she immigrated to Calgary Alberta as a baby.

Scott Cable

Scott Cable is an artist from Sparwood B.C. In 2012 he moved to Fernie B.C, inspired by the large art community around him he began painting. Originally beginning as a visionary artist he has been branching out and honing his skills in other genres such as landscapes, sci-fi, and bio-mech. Combining styles using airbrush and acrylic he creates the unique paintings we see today.

Sarah Pullen

Sarah Pullen is a grade 11 student and aspiring artist. She likes to experiment with different mediums like digital art and spray paint. Artist Statement: My inspiration for this piece came from murals. I've always loved murals and that's what originally drew me to street art. I also wanted to incorporate my love of comic books into this piece so I decided to mix the painterly style of the character and the graphic style of the buildings and sky.

Joey Kosolofski

A self taught graffiti artist turned landscape artist by coincidence, after moving to the mountains it seemed to be something that happened naturally. Now my inspiration comes of course from the views around me, but majority of my inspiration has been coming from my experience in my self progression. Watching my art evolve after every piece I do has its own self satisfaction that keeps me moving forward, ever changing.