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Time for Tea

Group Pottery Show

This group exhibition is themed around the teapot! The show features ceramic art and pottery from local artists who will present functional pieces perfect for tea time. Teapots, tea cups, saucers and more! There is a variety of handmade local pottery for purchase.

We welcome you to our gallery to see the wonderful tea-themed creations. 

About the Artists

Shannon Parnall

Shannon Parnall combines her love of gardening and pottery in these one-of-a-kind pieces. Real leaves and flowers collected from gardens and nature walks are impressed into slabs of clay and lovingly hand painted to enhance the details. The glazes are chosen to complement the nature of the designs. Each piece is an expression of my love of nature.

Jacqueline Fieldhouse

Jacqueline considers herslelf fortunate to call Fernie “home” for over 24 years and discovered a real love of the limitless creative nature of clay just 2 years ago. Still learning. Still exploring. Still inspired by the talent in this world, not withstanding our local potters who are amazing!

Margie Sutherland

Margie is a casual, small batch potter fascinated and distracted by the endless possibilities of what can be made from clay. She mainly does wheel work but also enjoy the occasional bout of hand/slab building.–

Donna Marie Burak-Young

Donna Marie feels her free-form pieces of functional art represent her inner self. You will see that each piece she creates is as unique as she is; free spirited and wrinkled, edgy and amusing. When asked how she determines what she will make, she responded she listens to the clay and allows it to morph into its own shape while she gently guides it to create strength and stability. 

Cindy Mylrea

Cindy is a casual potter who hopes to be able to spend more time in the studio with retirement! She is inspired by all the local talented friendly potters she has met in the studio – there is some amazing talent in our valley.

Caroline Payne

Caroline is the pottery studio technician here at The Arts Station! She is a recent graduate of Kootenay School of the Arts in Nelson B.C, specializing in ceramics. She likes to make functional pieces inspired by fairy tales and whimsy and hopes her work will bring joy to the lives of others. 

Steve Cho

Steve Cho has been a potter for a year now and he loves hand buildings. His inspiration – every bit of a surprise in life.

Marie-Claude Lemire

Marie-Claude Lemire was born in Quebec and has lived in Fernie for 30 years. She started making pottery in 2008 taking a series of hand building and wheel classes. Mrs. Lorraine Fraser was an inspiration of the infinite possibilities of creation. She was hooked. She loves the feeling of movement and life in her hands that clay procures and the head work it involves.

Haley Guttin

Haley is a new local potter and has been practicing for just under 1 year now. Working full time as a Registered Massage Therapist, and a hobby of knitting, ceramics became a new favourite. Learning new techniques and skills every time she enters the studio, she has been able to discover ways to create items that are functional and beautiful. She loves exploring this new medium and looks forward to expanding her creative voice with clay.

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