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Fernie Art Streak 2024

Community Gallery Show

Fernie Art Streak is an annual project where artists are invited to draw, paint or create inspired by a daily prompt. 

New this year, we have asked local artists to create artwork to be displayed in our gallery which correspond with each word of the day. Unveiled daily, this physical component will complement the Art Streak throughout January. Starting February 1st at 7pm, the artwork will be for sale throughout the month! All sales will be processed in person at the Fernie Arts Station.

Participating Local Artists

  • Alexandra Kozak¬†@moss_fae
  • Louise Ferguson @sewfernie
  • Chelsea Howlett-Smith¬†
  • Caroline Payne¬†@passionfruitpottery
  • Erich Stoffels¬†@coasts.creatures
  • Raelyn Nordli¬†@rajunrae
  • Jolene Miner¬†@joleneminerart
  • Peggy Black¬†@peggyblackfernie
  • Cathy Hopland¬†
  • Jeanne Parker¬†@jeanneron
  • Pat Moore¬†@patmooreart
  • Marg Bordignon
  • Beth Gallup¬†
  • Rebecca Stewart¬†@baba_stewart_art
  • Marianne Agnew¬†@magnew55
  • Sam Sedlowsky¬†@sam_sedlowsky_art
  • Pru Harshan¬†@colourme_fernie
  • Chrisy Hill @hillchrisy
  • Karen MacDonald¬†@imaginingsbykaren
  • Cathryn Lennox¬†@cathrynlennox
  • Laura Bentley
  • Sofia with F¬†@sofia__with__f
  • Alice Byrne¬†@alicetorpierbyrne
  • Brina Schenk¬†@brinaschenk
  • Camille Pageau¬†@_camicamicami_
  • Michael Hepher¬†@michaelhepher
  • Jackie Impey¬†@artist_jackie_impey
  • Megan Keevil
  • Colin Ferguson¬†@cjf_fernie

Follow them on instagram to see their creative journey unfold! Join the #FERNIEARTSTREAK facebook group to see all the artworks.